Show Me Less Like This (DIGITAL PDF)

alec robbins
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This is a short comic I drew and self-published in a very limited run with my Risograph printer in May 2019. Since it's no longer available physically, I wanted to offer it in PDF form! This is a digital copy! (I just liked the outdoor photo shoot I did for the zine so I left those up...)


As I described it when I first made it, Show Me Less Like This is about "a sci-fi space colony governed by an all-knowing algorithm, inspired by '80s space opera OAVs, the aimless teenage angst of French New Wave, and the early-2000s Sega Dreamcast aesthetic." I think that still sums it up well!


You can download this for free or pay if you want! Up to you!

16 pages. Originally printed in May 2019 on a RZ220UI Risograph printer and hand-assembled.

This PDF also includes a related piece of art by Casey Nowak!!!

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a short 20-page digital comic

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